Zurab Gikashvili is a Contemporary Artist.

He was born in Kvareli, Georgia on August 5th, 1961.


Tbilisi State Academy of Arts 

Tbilisi, Georgia (1986-1992)

Art College of Iakob Nikoladze 

Tbilisi, Georgia (1976-1980)

Art School of The City of Telavi, 

Georgia (1972-1976)

In 1991, a big contest was organized by art schools of several countries of Europe. The winners of the contest were invited to the 1st Mediterranean Atelier organized by the art critic and historian of the contemporary art Achille Bonito Oliva. Since the Republic of Georgia was not part of the association, Zurab Gikashvili was invited as the guest of honor for the quality of his work. The head of the Atelier, which took the place in Gibellina, Italy, was the Dean of The Academy of Fine Arts of Düsseldorf, Germany, painter and sculptor Markus Lüpertz. The coordinators of the showcase were the founder of The Studio Francesco Messina Museum, sculptor Francesco Messina and Margherita Accardo. Zurab Gikashvili's artwork was exhibited (and eventually kept) at The Gibellina Civic Museum of Contemporary Art from March 18th to April 18th, 1992 - Gibellina, Italy.

Zurab Gikashvili has been working in the studio of The President of the Russian Academy of Arts, sculptor and painter, Zurab Tsereteli in Moscow, Russia from the 90's until the early 2000's.

Zurab Gikashvili's artwork has been kept at The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow, Russia.

As one of the leading contemporary artist of Georgia, Zurab Gikashvili's artworks were exhibited at The Royal Academy of London Summer Exhibition in 2000. The exhibition was opened by the President of Georgia - Eduard Shevardnadze. 

Zurab Gikashvili represented Georgia (country) at Prague Biennale in 2009. 

Zurab Gikashvili's artworks are part of the various collections, such The Huma Kabakcı Collection.

Zurab Gikashvili had a solo exhibition at The Karl Ernst Osthaus Museum, Hagen, Germany in 2015 (25th Sep - 22nd Nov).


Since 2013, Gikashvili has been working with the  German sculptor Anatol Herzfeld  for Das Seewerk Art Festival in Moers, Germany. In 2017, Zurab created 8 feet sculpture of a saxophone for The Moers Jazz Festival. The sculpture was displayed at  The Moerser Schloss Park, Moers, Germany. 

Zurab Gikashvili had personal and group exhibitions around the world: Country of Georgia, New York City, Atlanta, Washington DC, London UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Prague, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Dubai 

Seewerk 2013

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